We are keen to spread Licoricia’s message and to help schools develop their curriculum to do so. Licoricia is a fascinating person to help bring the middle ages to life, and view it through a new perspective. We believe that the project has many areas of interest in looking at state, church, society and culture of the thirteenth century:

The power and financial relations between king, church and nobility can all be investigated with reference to the Jews, who formed a persecuted minority which was forced out once its utility had diminished.

The plinth carries important messages about shared texts between the Abrahamic faiths, in a font developed by a refugee, and in a translation which was at least partly undertaken in Winchester (the King James Bible).

The history brings into question fascinating sources from the time (pipe rolls, chirographs), and asks important questions about their veracity and completeness, and the evidence outside these sources. Amazing artefacts exist such as manuscripts, tombstones, buildings, tokens and utensils such as the Bodleian Bowl. There is even poetry. It further facilitates enquiry into church and state, and medieval prejudice.

Geographical knowledge is assisted on a macro scale by the widespread distribution of Jews throughout Britain, and their links with France and beyond; the studying of people and place has an excellent case study in Winchester, which retains a streetplan which can be traced to the Romans and Saxons, and contains many medieval buildings. We can tell where Jews lived and were buried because medieval Winchester is one of the best documented and researched cities anywhere. The Jews were forced to migrate frequently and provide strong links to continental Europe and beyond

Looking at today, lessons can investigate the nature of modern prejudice and how it is influenced by the past, as well as looking at the importance of education and gender equality. We wish to celebrate and promote diversity, and this can be done through examining how minorities such as the Jews enriched society then and do so now.

We will be publishing our own book, written by Rebecca Abrams, in early 2022, and believe that this will be of benefit to schools in developing Licoricia’s story into their lessons.

Please contact us if we can be of help in developing educational resources or facilitating visits. We can be contacted at mail@licoricia.org.