Fundraising aspirations

In addition to finishing the statue, we are seeking to raise money to include a couple of illustrations in our book on Licoricia and the medieval Jewish community. These will be drawn by a professional artist and depict medieval Winchester and its Jewish population, perhaps interacting with the King in the Great Hall, or in a scene in Jewry Street. They will cost in the region of £2,000.

We are also fundraising to hold a small exhibition to accompany our unveiling, and publish leaflets to accompany the statue.

We hope to be able to put on a fun unveiling event, which could involve a Jewish food market with explanations of Jewish involvement (eg fish and chips, bagels, challah, hot chocolate), medieval minstrels and players.

After the unveiling, we hope to develop our activities further, for example creating more lessons for schools, holding a large exhibition at the library, helping improve permanent exhibits at the City Museum, holding an academic seminar on the medieval Jewish community and undertaking further research on Winchester’s Jewry. We might be able to utilise Virtual Reality to bring the period to life.

All this requires funds, so your help will be greatly appreciated.